How to Make Your Baby’s Party Fun, Unique and Memorable for Kids!

Kids will always love a fun party and it’s very easy to get a kid engaged. While you’re no longer worried about the food and the program, you’re thinking of how to keep the kids entertained while you adults catch up.

Inflatable Water Slides

Here are a couple of suggestions you can go for, to keep the kids entertained and make it a memorable experience:

1. Have an art bar

It’s undeniable that kids love arts and crafts and giving them a bottle of glue can keep them entertained for hours. Have an art bar where you can cover the table with a big white paper and let the kids go crazy with washable paint, crayons, stickers, glue and other artsy stuff. To make it cute have them wear white shirts and use fabric paint instead and have these shirts as their party souvenirs.

2. Hire a Clown

The most common host of any birthday party. The clown! It’s sure to keep the kids entertained with their magic tricks and other funny business. Everyone will have fun; everyone will be engaged. Usually a clown’s party program lasts about 2-3 hours, you can keep them engaged by making them dance with the clowns or do activities with them. Kids sure love spending time with colorful people.

3. Pool Party

Hosting a pool party is fun and easy. Party favors and giveaways can include towels, sunscreen and goggles. You can rent inflatable water slides to make it more fun for the kids to slide down to the pool! To make it more fun you can also add pit balls and water balloons for an extra to keep them entertained. Warning though, if you’re going to do the water balloon bit, expect to get wet too. It’s a pool party, remember?

4. Bubble Guns

Nothing beats entertaining kids that blowing up guns of bubbles. Less messy and makes soapy droplets fall off from the bottle that can even help you out cleaning the crumbs later. Kids will love the bubbles and chasing them. You can also opt for renting a bubble machine. Having a bubbly atmosphere can produce great photographs of kids!

5. Trackless Trains

It’s not new that ever since we were kids, we’ve all been fascinated by trains. Keep the kids entertained with a trackless train roaming around the birthday party. It’s sure that they will not stop talking about how they rode on the train inside your kid’s house at school.

With these ideas in mind, it’s sure that you will definitely give your kid a very fun party with his friends! If you’re located in Nashville, some of the ideas mentioned above are being offered in Bounce House and Water Slide Rentals of Nashville. They offer a variety of inflatables to be rented and other services that will make sure your kid’s birthday is a fun and memorable one. You can visit their website to inquire more about their rates, products and services.

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