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If you buy a heat pump water heater, the major advantage you will get would involve money, however, there is so much more to that. Check out the other advantages you can get if you purchase one and place it in your home: 

Help minimize energy consumption  

The major reason why a lot of people are switching from the traditional style is due to the number of money homeowners could actually save on their energy consumption per year. Every year, it is estimated that you can save nearly 50 up to 62 percent of your hot water heating expenses if you use heat pump water heaters, which is quite a lot in terms of reducing energy bill consumption. To further understand it, just think about what ½ of the amount of money you can save over your energy consumption before. The conventional water heater’s average users will cost them nearly 570 dollars per year to heat their water. Hence, a user can save nearly 300 dollars annually, or 25 dollars monthly if it’s cut in half. 

Additional savings settings 

It can’t only help you save money once you use it every day, you can also save money since they commonly have settings that the old models of water heaters lack. This includes timers, which place it in sleep mode once you’re away, and a setting telling you to utilize the heat pump in heating your water. On top of that, you can reset to hybrid or auto if you require a continuous hot water supply.   


Because of the fact that a heat pump water heater utilizes less electricity, it is actually positive news for us, especially the planet we live in.  

Tax incentives and rebates  

A lot of electric firms provide rebates once you buy a certified heat pump water heater. When we talk about qualified products, it means that they commonly have to suit the standards of Energy StarYou should also consider this if you want to save some bucks. In addition, this is the rule of thumb if you want to get any federal tax or local incentives. Between incentives and rebates, the water heater might allow you to pay almost nothing at the end of the day.   

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